About Us

As the Founder/Director of On The Edge LLC – TacticallyPrepared.com it has been my philosophy to build a presence that allows you to source all your needs to ensure you and your families can build peace of mind should the worst happen.

Here at Tactically Prepared we are inspired by this philosophy which is also our motto – “Prepare for the Worst – Live for the Best”. This was not a new concept for me. My family was preparing long before preparedness, as seen today, was popular or considered.

The family’s belief was to make sure that if the worst happened the family would endure. Keep in mind this was in a period of time of the Cold War era and my father had retired a Lt Colonel for the Air Force and had an intimate knowledge of the very real possibility of Nuclear War so was motivated to stay prepared should the unthinkable happen.

Based on this concept this shaped and served as a model for how I approached my life. Tactically Prepared was born from my belief that a web store be developed where other families could source emergency/disaster preparedness products for peace of mind.

As a result I gathered the Tactically Prepared team together and guided the team to strive to pull together products, information and sources that will provide our customers with a “one stop shop” for all things they could be looking for to ensure their families can thrive when the world may not.

Bruce S. Dorrough