Powdered Eggs – In a Bucket – 144 Total Servings


Powdered Eggs – In a Bucket – 144 Total Servings


One hundred Forty-Four serving bucket of powdered eggs for emergency, outdoor, or everyday use. No refrigeration required. Easy to prepare. Convenient to store. 25-year shelf-life.

Wise Food Powdered Eggs (144 Servings)

While many might assume that it’s difficult to store dairy items like eggs over long durations of time, Wise Food offers a line of powdered eggs that can be stored for decades. Wise Food powdered eggs, which are perfect for breakfast or as a protein substitute, feature minimal additives, and they’re absolutely perfect for emergency situations. They’re packed with protein and nutrients, they can be made by simply adding water or milk and they can last for up to 25 years. This package comes with 144 total servings of eggs.

Features of Wise Food Powdered Eggs (144 Servings)
  • Comes in six pouches, 24 servings each
  • 144 total servings
  • Convenient to store in sturdy pail
  • Storage container handle for easy movement
  • Easy to prepare by adding water or milk
  • Up to 25 year shelf life


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